About Gwyn Norrell

This collection is just as Gwyn left it, before his untimely death at the age of 27.
It is a ‘work in progress’. Some images are as Gwyn wanted them, some need of a bit of editing, and some, I’m sure, would have been rejected out of hand by Gwyn as not quite good enough!
The images range across stunning landscapes from around Britain, close-ups and generally
quirky shots.

Gwyn had already organised his images into the 11 main categories you see in the gallery.
He had high standards, so you can be sure that the images he chose for his ‘100 Best’ are just that!
We hope you enjoy them.
We are still discovering new things about these pictures, ourselves, and we are sure that your patience will be rewarded if you can spend the time to go deeper and deeper into the sub–categories.

If you would like a full sized image - please email us at info at gwynnorrell.co.uk
(replace the "at" with an @ sign)

Diane, Clive, Greg, Toby and Helena.


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